Are you ready for some football?

The XFL debuts this weekend, less than a week after the conclusion of the NFL season.  Are you ready for some football?  Host Dan Lovallo talks about the XFL, Super Bowl ratings and much, much more.  Here are the links to the stories Lovallo is talking about:

Jim Nance is class

CBS sportscaster Jim Nance is class personified,says Dan Lovallo in his latest Sports Media Beat.  Network executives are also beaming over the NFL.  For that matter, Fox is even beaming over the 2019 World Series.  Here are the issues discussed and the links in the latest podcast:

MLB cheat scandal dominates media

Major League Baseball’s revelation that the Houston Astros cheated in the 2017 season, by going beyond the use of technical equipment to steal signs, dominated the sports media coverage this week.  The scandal also led to the dismissal of three managers.  Other topics in this podcast that were covered by Sportscaster Dan:

Romo about to sign record deal with ESPN?

Is Tony Romo about to become the highest paid sportscaster in history? One website is reporting the CBS football analyst is about to sign a record deal with ESPN. Plus 2019 television was dominated by the NFL. And all hands are on deck for Monday night’s college football national championship game between LSU and defending national champion Clemson. Sportscaster Dan Lovallo covers all that and more on the latest Sports Media Beat.

Topics covered in the podcast:


NBA expands on Twitter; Kostis tweeks PGA

The NBA and Turner Sports have announced they have extended their deal with Twitter, meaning more games will be presented on the social media platform.  It is a sign the times are changing in the world of sports media.  Dan Lovallo covers that topic and more, including the following stories:


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